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Telecommunicators Week with Cary Police Department

Stopped by at the Cary Police Department to meet the team behind “the golden line” and hand deliver donuts as a token of gratitude. #telecommunicatorsweek

This team is the first line of defense that gets 750 calls on an average/ day and they dispatch the Police, EMS or Fire as required. Almost 50% of the calls received are related to needing help from the police. Number of calls can vary depending on several factors.

Special thanks to Travis Walker, Supervisor in-charge of Tele Communicators, and Patrick Fox, Cary Police Department, for taking me through their process, and the challenges, in detail today.

One week is not enough to celebrate their work but an opportunity to extend our gratitude to these unsung heroes.

#sarika4cary #PublicSafetyFirst #westerncary #Carypolice #firstresponders #UnsungHeroes

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