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Introducing Floyd McKissick at Black History Month Event

Black history is an important reminder for everyone to not take your freedom of expression and diversity lightly. While we all think about how we continue to push the bar, the month of Feb provides us a great opportunity to remember the un-sung heroes and their sacrifices for the world that we live in today. Black History is also a reminder that we can accomplish the impossible if we stand united.

Although Mr. McKissick doesn’t need an introduction, it was my honor to introduce Mr. Floyd McKissick.

McKissick has served as the First Vice Chair of the NC Democratic Party and as a Member of the National Democratic Committee.

Mr. McKissick has served a term as the leader of NC Legislative Black Caucus and received more than two dozen awards due to his distinguished service and leadership in the State Senate from groups such as Planned Parenthood of the South Atlantic, the NC League of Conservation Voters, and the NAACP. served as a Durham City Council for 8 years and 13 years in the NC Senate.

It is important to note that the sacrifices done by these heroes is the reason that we have a world that we live in

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