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Smart Growth

Our #1000 door knocking tour has made it abundantly clear that Cary residents are concerned about growth, density, school overcrowding, and traffic. I am dedicated to addressing these issues head-on and prioritizing housing options for seniors. Additionally, we must invest in upgrading our infrastructure, expanding roadways, and implementing traffic calming measures for the safety and convenience of all residents. Together, we can continue to create a thriving community in Cary.


Whether it’s through the Town of Cary’s bi-annual Resident Survey or in conversation when knocking at their door, Cary residents are loud and clear on one of their biggest concerns. They want better management of Cary’s growth, schools, voices not being heard and housing affordability.


Cary is a beautiful place to live and work which is one of the biggest factors for the growth in the town. As per the Cary Community Plan 2040, there is only 12% greenland remaining in Cary and that land is mostly in Western Cary. The vision for the projected growth is critical for the future of the Western Cary. A planned and sustainable growth is critical. New development cannot lead to unsafe streets, gridlocked traffic, overcrowded schools, or neighborhoods without parks. The integrity of existing neighborhoods must be respected. The overall growth of the town infrastructure and services is important to match the developments.


We must provide more opportunities for individuals and families with limited financial resources to secure safe and affordable homes for people who work in Cary. I will continue to support efforts by the current Cary Town Council to advance affordable housing efforts. Additionally, it is essential that we prioritize affordable housing options specifically tailored to meet the needs of our senior citizens, who often face unique challenges in finding suitable housing.


The rapid growth in Cary has put a strain on the infrastructure, particularly the roadways, schools and environment. We must invest in upgrading our transportation systems to accommodate the increasing volume of traffic. Streets like Green Level Church Road, for instance, should be expanded to four lanes with sidewalks to ensure the safety and convenience of commuters and pedestrians alike. We must implement traffic calming measures throughout the town to alleviate congestion and improve overall road safety.


It is important to acknowledge the issues related to school overcrowding. Having a strong educational framework is important for future growth of the area and its residents. Building relationships with elected school board members and addressing the concerns of the citizens is the need of the hour.


Small businesses are very important for economic development in Western Cary. Currently the small businesses do not have any support or help to boost their businesses. Most of the businesses have no to very minimal support from local government. It is critical for the leadership to promote the growth for future sustainability in terms of economic development of the town that will help the residents from paying higher taxes.

Increased Community engagement and ensuring ALL voices are heard. Promoting and celebrating Diversity of the current community is important to engage minorities and dis-engaged communities. 

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