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Endorsed by Pam Cash-Roper


Former 2nd Vice Chair of Chatham County Democratic Party

“My family has been in Eastern Chatham County for generations.  I was born in a small community called Seaforth that’s now in the middle of Jordan Lake.  With the change and the growth that’s here and more coming, it’s important to me that have elected leaders in Cary who care and consider the part of Chatham County that’s also in Cary when they make important decisions.  I met Cary Town Council candidate Sarika Bansal in Pittsboro and she struck me as someone who will represent all of her district – not just the Wake County side.  As a lifelong Chathamite, I wholeheartedly endorse Sarika Bansal for Cary Town Council.

N.C. Transit Workers Association Political Action Committee, (NCTWA PAC) - Proudly Endorse Cary, N.C. next Town Council 

"NCTWA PAC had the opportunity to interview her and get her take on Cary Transit, she is a very strong supporter of transit she said as Cary continues to grow she would like to see Cary Transit expand it's services so that every citizens would have the opportunity to use Cary great transit service. So, upon our conclusion of our interview, NCTWA PAC committee voted to endorse her. NCTWA IS NON-PARTISAN"


Marla Dorrel - District D Council Member, Town of Cary (1999-2007)

“I am proud to endorse Sarika Bansal for Cary Town Council, District D. She has impressed me with her energy, intelligence, smart thinking, and drive to succeed. She will be a strong advocate for those in District D, and can be trusted to make responsible, informed decisions for all of Cary."

Steve Rao - At-Large Council Member, Town of Morrisville

“I am proud of her efforts and support her to make history and become the first Indian American woman to serve on Cary’s  Council and the third Asian American woman to serve in Wake County.”


Andrew Tascione - Former Colleague and Veteran

“Sarika is an ideal candidate for City Council.  I have been both a colleague and friend of Sarika’s for more than six years.  I have experienced and been impressed with her leadership and watched as she has grown and mentored her teams in the private sector.  She is someone I have trusted to help me navigate challenging situations both personally and professionally.  Sarika is an accountable and caring person who will always look out for her community, friends, and family.  I can’t think of a finer candidate to help lead Cary as it grows into the future.”


Floyd McKissick - Former Member of North Carolina State Senate

"You epitomize the type of person that we need as a leader in this state. You epitomize the type of person that today, should be a member of Cary's (town) council. And I want to make sure in the future that when there is an election cycle — one thing we fought for in civil rights was voting rights; one thing we fought for was diversity in public service. You epitomize the type of diversity, the type of knowledge, and the type of expertise that needs to be serving right here in Wake County and Cary (town) council. There is no better place you can serve. And I hope and I trust that you can be there one day very, very soon."

Maxine Phillips - Founder & CEO of LEVELLESS Women Succeeding

“I am so proud of you! To Get Her (Sarika Bansal) Elected because Together We Can."

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